International Transfer of US Defense-Related Technology and Munitions   [open pdf - 37KB]

This instruction implements the references and establishes Joint Staff procedures for reviewing the international transfer of US Defense-related technology. DOD policy is to treat defense-related technology as a valuable, limited national security resource, to be husbanded and invested in pursuit of national security objectives. Consistent with this policy and in recognition of the importance of international trade to a strong US defense industrial base, the Department of Defense will apply export controls in a way that minimally interferes with the conduct of legitimate trade and scientific endeavor. Within the DOD review process, the Joint Staff, in coordination with the combatant commanders, represents the operational interest and perspective of the war fighter. Issues in technology transfer and specific proposals for the transfer of defense related technology, goods, or services are evaluated at The Joint Staff and unified command level from the perspective of providing the best military advice possible to the National Command Authorities and from the viewpoint of the potential impact on operations and war fighting.

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CJCSI 2110.01A
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