Transforming Defense: National Security in the 21st Century   [open pdf - 385KB]

This December 1997 report of the national defense panel entitled, "Transforming Defense: National Security in the 21st Century" addresses the need for the United States to launch a transformation strategy to meet a range of security challenges in 2010 to 2020. The report focuses on the long-term issues facing U.S. defense and national security. It identifies the changes that will be needed to ensure U.S. leadership and the security and prosperity of the American people in the twenty-first century. The author stresses that the U.S. must make critical decisions and choices entailing significant investments of resources and energies. The contents include the World in 2020 (key trends, alternative worlds, implications, operational challenges to the military), U.S. National Security in 2020 (national security imperatives and alternative strategies for the 21st century), Meeting National Security of 2020 (homeland defense, regional stability, projecting military power, space operations, maintaining U.S. information superiority, countering weapons of mass destruction, Force Capabilities (conventional forces, strategic nuclear forces, and reserve components), Transformation Strategy (broad national security approach, institutionalizing innovation, experimentation, transforming the unified command plan, transforming the industrial base, and transforming infrastructure.

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