Winning the War on Terrorism   [open pdf - 2MB]

"America is taking the fight to the terrorists. We have ended the Taliban regime and al Qaeda's safe haven in Afghanistan. The victory over the Taliban has been followed by successes in other areas of the world. Yet the war has only begun. As President Bush has repeated time and again, America is in the opening stages of a long struggle against terrorist groups and the nations that support them. The United States and cooperating nations have brought a wide range of capabilities to bear on terrorism. The diverse activities undertaken illustrate the degree to which we are engaged in a new type of war. The United States and cooperating nations have: 1. built and maintained a global coalition of more than 70 countries to fight terrorism;2. conducted successful military operations resulting in regime change in Afghanistan; 3. provided freedom and humanitarian relief to oppressed people in Afghanistan; 4. frozen terrorists' assets and restricted the flow of money that enables terror; and 5. exploited unprecedented intelligence capabilities to locate, track, and apprehend terrorists on the run."

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