Winning the War on Terrorism Abroad   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Terrorism is a direct threat to our homeland, but in most cases it is a threat that originates overseas. U.S. efforts must assure there are no safe havens for terrorists anywhere in the world. The 2003 Budget provides the resources for that effort. Fortunately, we do not undertake this struggle alone. As President Bush has said, '[t]he vast majority of countries are now on the same side of a moral and ideological divide. We're making common cause with every nation that chooses lawful change over chaotic violence--every nation that values peace and safety and innocent life.' The United States is working with traditional allies and new partners to achieve the goal of eliminating global terrorism. Many of these willing partners are only beginning to strengthen counter-terrorism capabilities to assure our common success. This budget requests assistance to support friends who join this global cause. Terrorism has many faces and takes many forms around the world. The war on terrorism will not end with the capture of Osama Bin Laden or the destruction of the al Qaeda network in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda has many widely distributed cells that will not cease their efforts against the United States simply because we capture or kill Bin Laden. Nor will the destruction of the al Qaeda network eliminate the threat of international terrorism against the United States. Other terrorist groups who wish to harm or intimidate the United States will remain. Therefore, even after the combat operations in Afghanistan wind down, we will still have a great deal more work to do. And this work will differ in important ways from the wars the United States has waged in the past."

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