DHS Information Sharing Agreements Process and Tools - Implementing the 'OneDHS' Policy   [open pdf - 87KB]

Alternate Title: DHS Information Sharing Agreements Process and Tools - Implementing the 'One DHS' Policy

"The DHS [Department of Homeland Security] mission to detect, interrupt and prevent international and domestic threats to homeland security is ever critical. As such, timely, broad, and unfettered, sharing and access to terrorism, homeland security, law enforcement, intelligence information and/or data between DHS Components is one of the high priorities for the Department. As stated by DHS Secretary Napolitano's congressional testimony, earlier this year, 'It is important that we develop an identity for DHS that is centered on the department's mission and that we build a 'one DHS' culture among the different components of the department.' So then, notwithstanding statutory or other legal prohibitions to the contrary, whenever DHS personnel, acting on behalf of a Component in furtherance of the DHS mission, has satisfactorily demonstrated an authorized need to obtain and access certain information and/or data, of which another DHS Component has stewardship, such information and/or data shall be disseminated without delay to the requestor. This is known as the DHS Policy for Internal Information Exchange and Sharing, commonly referred to as the 'One DHS' policy, issued in 2007. In a nutshell, the OneDHS policy is an acknowledgement that while DHS is comprised of multiple Components, it is nevertheless a single unified entity wherein all relevant information generated and received by individual entities within DHS is to be accessible to and shared amongst and between all other DHS Components that have a demonstrated need to know. The 'One DHS' policy replaces the former 'need to know' criterion for information and intelligence sharing with the new 'responsibility to share,' providing DHS personnel a powerful resource and establishing DHS as a leader in the information-sharing efforts vital to protecting the nation."

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