Operations Report- Lessons Learned 5-67- 'Civil Disorders- TF Detroit'   [open pdf - 8MB]

"Widespread racial disorders erupted in metropolitan Detroit early on Sunday morning, 23 July 1967. The disturbance began in Detroit's 10th Precinct area at the climax of a police raid on an illegal after-hours liquor establishment in the 9000 block on Twelfth Street. At 0510 hours on Sunday the 10th Precinct received the first calls for police assistance from the Twelfth Street neighborhood. At 0630 hours the first fire had started and the arriving fire trucks drew large crowds. From 0800 hours until noon, there was a lull in the area. Starting about noon gangs started surging along Twelfth Street, looting and setting fire to businesses, moving off onto the side streets and finally into private homes. Mayor Cavanagh requested State Police assistance shortly before 1500 hours. When looting and arson grew he asked for the Michigan National Guard. With nightfall the looting and number of fire calls increased substantially. Shortly after 1800 hours, the first of more than 8,000 guardsmen arrived in the city deploying from Central High School through the riot-torn areas. Police barricades were put up, a curfew announced, bars, gas stations and public places closed. A state of public emergency was declared in Detroit by Governor Romney effective 231800 July 1967. Negro gangs, confined at the first outbreak to 20 blocks or the west side, spread over a 14-square mile area Monday. Early Monday, 24 July, Governor Romney recommended the deployment of Federal Troops to the city of Detroit to assist State and local authorities in reestablishing law and order."

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Report 5-67
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