Beneath the Surface: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace for Counterterrorism   [open pdf - 26MB]

"Major Thomas' Beneath the Surface comes at precisely the right time in the War on Terrorism. Over the past three years the U.S. military and other instruments of national power have been able to attack and damage Usama Bin Laden's al-Qaida network. We have exploited the known, reacted to resultant opportunities, and organized a set of sustainable allies and partners to do the same. Now for the hard part. The remainder of the War or Terrorism--which will continue for years-- requires that intelligence be on the front. The War has been, and will continue to be, an intelligence war. In such a war intelligence and operations are not separate staff components; they are instead a blend of activities that are mutually reinforcing. In this continuing war every soldier is a collector, and every collector is a soldier; operators glean intelligence directly from the field, and intelligence is always operational. Further, the war ahead will demand new strategies for long-term success. The counterpunching phase is over. The rapid-fire operations-intelligence, counterterrorism- targeting cycle happening right now in Iraq and Afghanistan--the 'find, fix, finish, exploit, then find again' process--becomes less powerful as the campaign continues. This cycle has to be underpinned by a strategic intelligence framework that ensures we are attacking a part of the enemy that matters--not just taking the near-term opportunity that inflicts little lasting damage."

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