Operational Requirements Document (ORD) for the Blast Resistant Autonomous Video Equipment (BRAVE)   [open pdf - 48KB]

"The proposed system will be a stand-alone fixed video surveillance unit that will produce and maintain a continuous video recording of a designated transit vehicle, infrastructure component, access control point, or other location of interest within its designated field of view. It is expected that multiple such units will be necessary to provide full coverage of individual transit vehicles and other areas of interest. Each unit will record continuously and store data for a specified period of time, after which data will automatically be overwritten as necessary. Following installation, the system will not require user intervention to maintain continued operation. In the event of a terrorist attack or catastrophic event, the unit will protect the recorded data from damage or tampering until retrieval by authorities. Only survival of the video data sufficient for retrieval and playback of the collected video surveillance is expected. The system will also allow for data retrieval by authorized individuals as required for other mission applications. Each BRAVE unit will be a self contained device that includes a camera, removable data storage, and protective hardening for the data storage. System power may be provided by the installed platform (e.g. bus) or by an included power source. In the case of an external power option, a transformer, as necessary, will be included within the system housing."

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