UN Security Council Meeting on Threats to International Peace and Security: Statement of Hillary Rodham Clinton   [open pdf - 19KB]

This statement, given by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the United Nations (UN) Security Council Meeting on September 27, 2010, discusses recent counterterrorism measures taken by the UN. From the statement: "Counterterrorism demands a comprehensive approach, as reflected in the presidential statement that will be adopted at the conclusion of today's meeting. Therefore, we need intelligence operations capable of discovering terror plots, military and law enforcement officers trained and ready to stop them, border patrol officials who can spot potential dangers, justice systems that can fairly and effectively prosecute criminals, corrections systems that can then detain those who have been arrested and/or convicted. So we have to do more to develop these institutions and capacities and help each other by mobilizing expertise and resources. But at the same time, beyond these measures we have to realize that countering terrorism means more than stopping terrorists. It means stopping people from becoming terrorists in the first place. And that requires addressing the political, economic, and social conditions that make people vulnerable to exploitation by extremists. For people whose lives are characterized by frustration or desperation, for people who believe that their governments are unresponsive or repressive, al-Qaida and other groups may offer an appealing view. But it is a view rooted in destruction, and we have to provide an alternative view that is rooted in hope, opportunity, and possibility."

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UN Security Council Meeting on Threats to International Peace and Security. United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY. September 27, 2010
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