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"The Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) provides a forum for the discussion of policy issues, and is responsible for setting national-level Information Assurance policies, directives, instructions, operational procedures, guidance, and advisories for U.S. Government (USG) departments and agencies for the security of National Security Systems (NSS) through the CNSS Issuance System. The CNSS is directed to assure the security of NSS against technical exploitation by providing: reliable and continuing assessments of threats and vulnerabilities and implementation of effective countermeasures; a technical base within the USG to achieve this security; and support from the private sector to enhance that technical base assuring that information systems security products are available to secure NSS. The CNSS consists of a Committee, a Subcommittee, and various Working Groups. The Champions, chairs, and subject matter experts, recruited from the Member/Observer departments/agencies, participate as Committee and Subcommittee representatives and as experts on working groups focusing on the development of relevant IA guidance documents. The working groups generally create IA policies, directives, and instructions (referred to as 'guidance documents') for CNSS review, approval, and promulgation. The increasing cyber threat inherent in today's changing and complex cyber environment makes the need for increased and continuing synergy within the CNSS Membership and between industry, academia, and our foreign partners a crucial part of IA guidance formulation. Included in this combined effort is cybersecurity collaboration which the CNSS promotes among owners of Federal NSS, Federal non-NSS, and non-Federal systems. CNSS is the cornerstone for IA guidance collaboration efforts."

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