Recommended Federal Grant Guidance Emergency Response Communications and Interoperability Grants Fiscal Year (FY) 2007   [open pdf - 440KB]

"This guidance reflects a comprehensive approach to interoperability-one that understands that the problem of interoperability is not solely technological. In reality, technology is just one of several critical elements necessary for the development of a robust interoperability solution. As Secretary Chertoff explained at the May 8, 2006 Tactical Interoperable Communications Conference, ..the biggest barrier to interoperability is not technology.[the challenge] has to do with, rather, human beings. It has to do with how do we get people to be able to use this equipment in a way that makes interoperability not just a theoretical possibility, or a technological possibility, but an actual, workable, day-to-day solution.' Achieving effective interoperability across the Nation requires dedicating resources to improving such critical elements as governance, standard operating procedures, training and exercises, and regular use of interoperable capabilities. Further, it requires strong leadership in and among organizations.leadership that promotes and engages in extensive, coordinated, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-disciplinary planning efforts for interoperability. This guidance provides Federal grant programs with recommended criteria to ensure that the limited funding available for emergency response communications is used in a way that targets all of the critical elements mentioned above. In addition, it provides the emergency response community with guidance, tools, and resources for the development of interoperability solutions."

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