Industrial College of the Armed Forces: Industry Studies 2001: Environment   [open pdf - 244KB]

The U.S. environmental industry is poised to support growth and preserve the environment, a process known as sustainable development. Despite only a small percentage of U.S. environmental businesses participating in the world market, the U.S. industry has the best technology in the world and already generates a trade surplus. With the world market expanding sharply, both the U.S. government and environmental industry must seize the opportunity to expand U.S. trade and proliferate U.S. environmental expertise, while simultaneously advancing U.S. security interests and supporting global sustainable growth. U.S. environmental businesses can simultaneously make a real difference in people's lives around the world, grow their companies, and support U.S. security. This paper shows how the U.S. environmental industry could increase its global competitiveness if U.S. national policies incentivized individuals and companies to move beyond regulatory compliance and if certain real and perceived barriers to conducting trade abroad were removed. Together, these require a new partnership between government and industry that is well worth the investment - a clean environment is good for business and good for life.

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Industry Studies 2001
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