Safety Analysis Report for Livermore Pool Type Reactor   [open pdf - 16MB]

"This Safety Analysis Report [SAR] has been prepared to provide a comprehensive review of those considerations involving the Livermore Pool Type Reactor that could bear on the safety of the general public, personnel working at the Lawrence Livermore [LLL] site, and parsons working within this facility. The report describes the facility, presents the design bases and the limits on its operation, and presents a safety analysis of the structure, systems and components, the reactor core, reactor coolant system, instrumentation and control systems, electrical systems, containment systems, other engineered safety features, auxiliary and emergency systems, and of the system as a whole. Specialists representing a number of different disciplines from LLL were consulted and have contributed to the preparation of this SAR. Special studies, analyses, and operational procedures that bear on this report and were prepared as separate documents are included as appendices. This analysis shows that the design and operation of the facility presents no undue hazard to the general public or employees and will have no adverse effect on the general environment."

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