Public Safety Communications Technical Report: Video Acquisition Measurement Methods   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Several sets of standards exist for measuring digital camera performance. Two sources of particular interest are the International Standards Organization (ISO), and the Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture (SMIA), which publishes a camera characterization specification. The camera performance measurements described here have been designed to be performed at moderate cost with moderately skilled operators. They generally involve photographing simple or standard targets under controlled lighting conditions and then analyzing the resulting images on a computer. The tests do not require expensive or highly specialized equipment. Within the video transmission system, the tests measure the quality of the video acquisition subsystem (i.e., the video camera). In general, video acquisition quality may be divided into two aspects: still image and motion properties. Motion quality factors are difficult to measure. The most serious arise from image compression artifacts due to video coders. The tests described here are not intended to specify performance parameters for video coders, which may be an integral part of some video acquisition subsystems. Instead, performance parameters for video coders (e.g., frame rate) are considered as part of the video transmission subsystem. The techniques for determining the video performance requirements given in Section 4 of the Public Safety Statement of Requirements (PS SoR) Volume II are based on the camera performance measurements described here."

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