Security in the Information Age: New Challenges, New Strategies   [open pdf - 4MB]

Following the "Wired World: Cyber Security and the U.S. Economy" hearing in June 2001, individuals whose perspectives about critical infrastructure protection would be of value to the Congress were identified and a study was compiled. This compendium represents a range of perspectives on infrastructure protection, from definitions and strategies to business challenges and policy actions. Technology advancements and the information revolution have provided enormous benefits to our economy. At the same time, they have also exposed our nation to new vulnerabilities and security threats. Computer networks create new avenues for those with malicious intent. Because many critical activities rely upon telecommunications and computer systems, our economy can be crippled by information warfare and mass disruption of these systems. It is essential that we understand these threats and develop strategies to counter them. This collection of expert reports examines how networked technologies open up new vulnerabilities to terrorist acts and how, in response, America needs new strategies for protecting its critical infrastructure.

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