Homeland Security within State Departments of Agriculture: Success Factors and Barriers to an Effective Security Program   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The food and agriculture sector in the United States is vulnerable to attack. One solution is to ensure that homeland security programs within the state departments of agriculture have the necessary support and resources. However, there is little understanding of the abilities and capabilities of state departments of agriculture related to homeland security initiatives. The challenge is that these programs tend to fall between agriculture and homeland security programs. This research involved interviewing representatives of 24 state departments of agriculture to identify success factors and barriers related to homeland security programs. Respondents reported multi-state agriculture groups, public-private partnerships, and organizational structure as success factors in building successful homeland security programs. This research found that lack of information sharing, a disconnect between the federal and state government, and inadequate funding created barriers to the implementation of constructive homeland security programs. To better position the homeland security programs within state departments of agriculture, this research provides several recommendations. Given the diversity of the roles and responsibilities in agriculture agencies, it is not possible to develop a model program for every state. These recommendations identify components of a model program that agencies could selectively use to enhance the effectiveness of homeland security programs."

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