Gathering Biological Warfare Storm -- Chapter 6: Smallpox: A Primer   [open pdf - 58KB]

This is Chapter 6 in the collection of essays, "The Gathering Biological Warfare Storm." From the introduction: "Smallpox, is a virus that plagued humanity for millennia. It was the first and only disease ever intentionally eradicated from the face of this planet, a scourge defeated in a remarkable, never-before-attempted campaign of generosity and cooperation by the nations of the world. Its eradication was a triumphant symbol of science and dogged persistence winning over nature. Moreover, its eradication was a gift of man to all mankind. Yet, is it possible that the same hand of man, that once rid the scourge of smallpox from the world, will be used to unleash this terror again on its unprotected citizens? This chapter, by providing a thorough review of the history, epidemiology, and current risks associated with this dreaded disease, addresses that question and its implications for the American public."

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Davis, Jim A. and Schneider, Barry (Eds). The Gathering Biological Warfare Storm. USAF Counterproliferation Center, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama: April 2002, 2nd Edition
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