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"The Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Interoperability Project's Business Case video provides high-level decision makers with a value proposition that details the importance of CAD interoperability. City managers may use this tool to demonstrate to a non-technical audience the benefits of CAD interoperability and why those benefits make such an impact in the emergency response community. The CAD video depicts the same emergency response scenario in two different screens: one with CAD interoperability and the other without. Viewers will be able to see how and where in the process significant time is saved. This video also explains why this saved time is so critical. This video provides an important and necessary understanding of the benefits of CAD interoperability to senior decision makers who face limited budgets and have to choose between many different interoperability projects. The video is offered in three formats (low, medium, and high resolution) and may be viewed in Windows Media Player or Quicktime."

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