Engaged and Empowered Community: An Essential Ingredient of Homeland Security   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Countless dollars have been spent on various programs and initiatives over the past decade to enhance homeland security. Although great strides have been made in many areas, one that continues to lag behind is preparedness at the local level. Documents ranging from the National Response Framework to the recently completed Quadrennial Homeland Security Review emphasize the need for both the public and private sectors to embrace the responsibility they have concerning community readiness efforts. The primary focus of this thesis is to determine what factors contribute to successful community preparedness efforts, as well as identifying those barriers that impede such progress from being realized. To that end, a variety of group structures and approaches currently in use are recognized and discussed. In addition, cases located both within the United States and abroad are identified and examined. Interviews conducted with members of these groups provide a first-hand account of what steps are being made to improve emergency preparedness within their local jurisdictions. This thesis culminates with the offering of the Community Oriented Readiness Effort. This program incorporates those recommendation produced by this research and provides the core components needed to adequately engage and empower required resources at the local level."

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