Saddam's War: An Iraqi Military Perspective of the Iran-Iraq War   [open pdf - 3MB]

"When lessons learned from the major combat operations phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom were briefed to the Nation's top leaders, the question was asked: 'How did events leading to the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime look from the Iraqi perspective?' That question was posed to the Joint Advanced Warfighting Program at the Institute for Defense Analyses, triggering the Iraqi Perspectives Project (IPP), a research effort sponsored by the U.S. Joint Forces Command that has delivered several volumes of analysis and supporting materials, with more in production. The IPP is reminiscent of an effort begun in 1946, when a team of U.S. Army historians and intelligence officers established a relationship with former members of the German General Staff to develop an understanding of familiar events from an unfamiliar point of view. This volume marks the extension of that same methodology under a different sponsor, the National Intelligence Council, to encompass a broader spectrum of Middle Eastern military history from the perspective of Lieutenant General Ra'ad Hamdani, who during Operation Iraqi Freedom commanded Saddam Hussein's II Republican Guard Corps. Interviewed over a number of days by project leader Kevin Woods and historian Williamson 'Wick' Murray, General Hamdani shared his knowledge about a wide range of subjects, with particular emphasis on his experiences in Iraq's long war against Iran."

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