Handbook for Military Support to Essential Services and Critical Infrastructure: Unified Action Handbook Series, Book Two   [open pdf - 539KB]

"This Handbook for Military Support to Essential Services and Critical Infrastructure provides fundamental guidance, planning considerations, techniques, and procedures for the development of essential services and critical infrastructure (ES&CI) during Phase 0, 'Shaping' operations or restoration of ES&CI in the wake of a natural disaster or combat during joint operation phases IV, 'Stabilize,' and V, 'Enable Civil Authority.' This handbook is not intended to stand alone as a planning guide, but instead to complement the planning that would be required to better integrate all elements of national capacity in response to an overseas contingency or in support of military engagement, security cooperation, and deterrence activities. Its primary purpose is to provide guidance for joint force commanders and military planners during the post-conflict period, since the military likely will continue to contribute to ES&CI restoration throughout the post-conflict period. It is designed to help lay the groundwork for a successful transition between military and civilian authorities in situations where the armed forces for whatever reason find themselves as the de facto governing authority responsible for providing essential governmental services for a civilian population. It is titled to emphasize that although infrastructure projects provide visible evidence of progress and represent a straightforward engineering problem, their larger purpose is to support delivery of some particular governmental or community-wide service."

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