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"SmartGrid.gov is a resource for information about the Smart Grid and government-sponsored Smart Grid projects. The information on SmartGrid.gov provides consumers and stakeholders with the tools and resources they need to understand the Smart Grid and the range of Smart Grid technologies, policies, and solutions. A number of initiatives 'to support the modernization of the nation's electricity transmission and distribution system to maintain a reliable and secure electricity infrastructure' were outlined in Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. In announcing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Smart Grid projects in October 2009, President Obama explained the importance of our transformation to a smarter grid: 'It will make our grid more secure and more reliable, saving us some of the $150 billion we lose each year during power outages. It will allow us to more effectively transport renewable energy generated in remote places to large population centers, so that a wind farm in rural South Dakota can power homes in Chicago. And by facilitating the creation of a clean energy economy, building this 21st-century energy infrastructure will help us lay a foundation for lasting growth and prosperity.' The implementation of smart technologies is revolutionizing the production, transmission, and consumption of electricity in the United States and affecting homes and businesses across the nation. The transformation to a smarter grid will increase the reliability, efficiency, and security of the country's electrical system; encourage consumers to decrease their electricity use; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and allow the integration of all energy sources into the grid of tomorrow."

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