FAA Faces Significant Risks in Implementing the Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast Program and Realizing Benefits   [open pdf - 205KB]

This Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General (OIG) report "presents the results of [an OIG] review of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) program. ADS-B is a satellite-based surveillance technology that also uses aircraft avionics and ground-based systems to provide information on aircraft location to pilots and air traffic controllers. ADS-B has the potential to fundamentally change the way air traffic is managed in the United States, and FAA expects that it will enhance capacity, improve safety, and play a critical role in the planned transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). At the request of the Chairmen of the House Committee on Transportation Infrastructure and Subcommittee on Aviation, [the OIG] examined FAA's plans for implementing ADS-B. Specifically, our objectives were to (1) examine key risks to FAA's successful implementation of ADS-B and (2) assess the strengths and weaknesses of FAA's contracting approach. This report summarizes [the OIG's] assessment of FAA's progress to date and provides our recommendations for reducing risk in developing and deploying ADS-B technology and strengthening contract oversight. [The OIG] conducted this audit in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards prescribed by the Comptroller General of the United States."

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Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General, Report No. AV-2011-002
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United States Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General: http://www.oig.dot.gov/
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