Perspective on Preparedness: Taking Stock since 9/11   [open pdf - 6MB]

"'Perspective on Preparedness: Taking Stock Since 9/11' ('Report') presents recommendations on national preparedness from the Local, State, Tribal, and Federal Preparedness Task Force ('Task Force'). At the request of Congress, the Task Force brought together 36 members representing a range of disciplines and perspectives from across local, State, Tribal, and Territorial governments. Together with 25 ex officio members representing Federal departments and agencies, we worked collaboratively to take stock of national preparedness and provide recommendations for improvement. In accordance with our congressional mandate, we independently undertook a series of analytical activities, including: 1) Considering what 'preparedness' has meant in the United States both historically and since the 9/11 attacks; 2) Reviewing post-9/11 preparedness-related activities to understand achievements to date and remaining areas of concern, with a particular emphasis on cost-effectiveness and efficiency; and 3) Proposing recommendations to improve national preparedness outcomes. Our discussions focused on four main areas, as we considered: 1) the strategic investments needed to improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of achieving preparedness outcomes; 2) the policy and guidance that outline desired national preparedness goals and objectives; 3) capabilities and assessments employed to measure success in achieving preparedness outcomes; and 4) the preparedness grant administration which provides funding to develop and sustain capabilities."

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Listed on November 3, 2010 [Critical Releases]