'Last Mile' Bandwidth Availability Task Force Report   [open pdf - 123KB]

The National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee explores the factors surrounding the procurement and provisioning of high-bandwidth services at the local level, referred to as the "last mile," and offers recommendations for reducing the periods for obtaining such services. In November 2000, the President's National Security telecommunications Advisory Committee's (NSTAC) Industry Executive Subcommittee formed the "Last Mile" Bandwidth Availability Scoping Group, and later the "Last Mile" Bandwidth Availability Task Force, to undertake the following activities: (1)Examine how the provisioning process is affected by economic and technological factors;(2)Recommend how Government might work with industry to reduce provisioning times or to otherwise mitigate the effects of extended provisioning periods; (3) Examine what policy-based solutions can be applied to the provisioning of high bandwidth circuits for national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) services.

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