Legislative and Regulatory Group Telecommunications Outage and Intrusion Information Sharing Report   [open pdf - 193KB]

The report is intended to provide the Industry Executive Subcommittee (IES) with a clearer understanding of information sharing initiatives, including those channels proposed by Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 63, Protecting America's Critical Infrastructures. The report includes a compendium of entities with which companies share or will potentially share information. The list of entities was developed based on the entities known or identified by the LRG members and is not presented as a comprehensive list of all those with which all telecommunications companies share information. The report also addresses potential legal barriers that might affect the sharing of information between telecommunications companies and the entities examined. The LRG used the legal impediments identified by the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) in their report, Critical Foundations: Protecting America's Infrastructures to explain some of the legal barriers that may influence the amount or type of information that is shared by companies. The LRG did not conduct any original legal analysis of these impediments for this report. The Telecommunications Outage and Intrusion Information Sharing Report is intended for use by other NSTAC subgroups to continue addressing critical information sharing processes and issues as they unfold. In addition, further analysis and understanding of the lessons learned by the entities examined in this report could provide the foundation for determining best practices for information sharing at the National level and could be beneficial to those entities responsible for implementing PDD-63.

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