Key Leadership Strategies to Enhance Communication   [open pdf - 2MB]

"In an age when our world is dominated by a constant media stream, it is hard to predict what information will be shared by the public or how it will be interpreted. While police have mechanisms in place regarding the release of information to the public, the public does not. Citizens can circulate information on their own accord without the same onus of responsibility or accuracy. This publication provides strategic approaches to improve communications between the police and the public as the information landscape continually evolves with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking technology. This publication is based on the belief that improving communication and outreach improves relations with people and organizations, builds trust and respect, increases transparency, and fosters greater community engagement. It is also based on the belief that law enforcement agencies must expand their efforts to market from within. This white paper provides suggestions to law enforcement executives on ways to develop a strategy to maintain a comprehensive public relations, communications, and outreach effort, regardless of the size or type of the law enforcement agency they lead."

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