Department of Defense Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) Defense Annual Report to Congress (1999)   [open pdf - 8MB]

The introduction to this report provides a background of the rationale and purpose of the DoD Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP). Chapter 1 describes the accomplishments, processes, and issues related to DoD CBDP management and oversight. Chapter 2 provides information on non-medical NBC defense requirements and research and development programs. Chapter 3 provides information on medical NBC defense requirements and on research and development programs. Chapter 4 provides an analysis of NBC defense logistics posture. The analysis reviews the status of quantities, characteristics, and capabilities of all fielded NBC defense equipment, industrial base requirements, procurement schedules, and problems encountered. Chapter 5 assesses the status of NBC defense training and readiness conducted by the Services. Each of the Services' training standards and programs is reviewed. Chapter 6 provides information on the status of DoD efforts to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which was ratified by the United States and entered into force during 1997. This chapter also includes a summary of plans and activities to provide assistance to other countries in response to an appeal by another State Party to the CWC, pursuant to Article X of the CWC. Annexes A through D provide detailed information on Joint and Service-unique NBC defense equipment, including contamination avoidance, protection, decontamination, and medical programs. Annex E provides a summary of funds appropriated, budgeted, and expended by the DoD CBDP. Annex F provides a reference to NBC defense related sites on the internet. Annex G provides a statement regarding chemical and biological defense programs involving human subjects as required by 50 USC 1523. As detailed in the annex, no such testing has been conducted in over two decades and none is planned. Annex H provides the text of the Congressional language requiring this report. Annex I provides a list of the many acronyms and abbreviations that are used throughout this report.

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