Department of Defense Chemical and Biological Defense Program: Volume II: FY 2001-2003 Performance Plan   [open pdf - 1018KB]

The Department of Defense (DoD) Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP) has prepared this performance plan to align itself more closely with the tenets of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). Specifically, the plan: Establishes explicit and outcome-oriented goals linked to warfighters' ability to survive, fight, and win in a CB environment; Identifies quantitative and/or qualitative performance measures that can be used to assess progress towards goal achievement; Describes how performance data is validated; Describes how RDT&E activities of participating DOD and non-DOD organizations are coordinated to achieve program goals; and Identifies human capital, financial, and resource challenges or external factors that limit the ability of the program to achieve its goals. The major portions of this performance plan link performance goals with performance measurements in terms of those systems and programs, which support the warfighter requirements and goals. Section 1 provides the vision, mission, goals and performance measures for the CBDP. Section 2 analyzes performance goals and measurements that support the advanced development and acquisition phases of CB defense systems. Section 3 analyzes the science and technology base of the program to include basic and applied research and advanced technology development, which support essential capabilities meeting warfighter requirements. Performance goals, which support each corporate level goal of the CBDP, establish a measurable path to incremental achievement of specific goals. These performance goals are supported and evaluated by measurable outputs, which are assessed using performance measures. Performance measures quantify the output of the CB defense program for key measures associated with providing a ready force, capable of conducting operations in CB contaminated environments.

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