Integrated Chemical and Biological Defense Research, Development and Acquisition Plan: Chemical & Biological Point Detection and Decontamination (April 2002)   [open pdf - 636KB]

"The Integrated Chemical and Biological Defense Program Research, Development and Acquisition Plan for the Departments of Defense and Energy: Bio Point Detection, published in March 2001, presented the first technology area-focused roadmap. The narrower and more detailed scope of the roadmap reports serves the second and equally important purpose of the effort. The technology area roadmaps are "living" documents intended to facilitate coordination and cooperation between DOE and DoD at both the high level of national policy and planning and at the working level in the technology focus areas. They depict participating organization R&D programs and plans for testing and transitioning technologies into the acquisition process. Program data comes from existing planning documents in many cases; however, it should be noted that appearance within the roadmap does not imply funding commitments. Rather, the integration of these efforts into a single planning document represents a significant step toward a more formal, unified, long-term investment strategy. This second report is responsive to the above guidance. It includes both an expanded bio point detection roadmap, which now covers chemical point detection as well, and the decontamination roadmap (see Figure 1 for progress to date). In addition, the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) provided input to this year's report. Intelligence community representatives have participated in Focus Group meetings. Coordination has begun with the Nonproliferation and Arms Control Technology Working Group (NPAC TWG)."

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2002 CPRC Report to Congress
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