Intelligence Community Directive Number 207: National Intelligence Council (Effective 09 June 2008)   [open pdf - 10MB]

The purpose and applicability of this standard is as follows: "(1) This Intelligence Community (IC) Directive (ICD) establishes Director of National Intelligence (DNI) overarching policy and IC responsibilities concerning the National Intelligence Council (NIC) and National Intelligence Officers (NIOs), and the support that the NIC may require from the IC. (2) This ICD rescinds Director of Intelligence Council and the National Intelligence Officers; DCID 3/11, Foreign Weapon and Space Systems Intelligence; DCID 3/9, Foreign Atomic Energy Intelligence; DCID 3/10, Foreign Scientific and Technical Intelligence; and DCID 3/16, Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis. (3) Nothing in this ICD shall affect the authorities and responsibilities of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Mission Managers under ICD 900 (Mission Management) or any other applicable law or regulation. The NIC shall work with DNI Mission Managers and senior ODNI and other IC officials to ensure efforts are fully integrated and responsive. This ICD applies to the IC, as defined by the National Security Act of 1947, as amended; and other departments or agencies that may be designated by the President, or designated jointly by the DNI and the head of the department or agency concerned, as an element of the IC."

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ICD 207; Intelligence Community Directive 207
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