Immigration Issues and Legislation in the 98th Congress [December 2, 1983]   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Immigration reform continues to be of concern in the '96th Congress, and legislation has been moving quickly. Specific issues include illegal immigration, temporary workers, legalization, asylum adjudications, and legal immigration. The legislation under consideration is the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1983, popularly referred to as the Simpson-Mazzoli bill, introduced in the House and Senate on Feb, 17, 1983 as H.R. 1510 and S. 529. S. 529 was reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Apr. 21 (S.Rept. 98-62). S. 529 was reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Apr. 21, 1983 (S.Rept. 98-62). It passed the Senate on May 18 by a vote of 76 to 18. H.R. 1510 was reported by the House Judiciary Committee on May 13 (H.Rept. 96-115, pt. I), and sequentially referred to four other committees. 1t was reported on June 27 by the Committee on Agriculture (H.Rept. 98-115, pt. II), and on June 28 by the Committee on Energy and Commerce (H-Rept. 98-115, pt. 111) and the Committee on Education and Labor (H.Rept. 98-115, pt. IV). House Speaker Tip O'Neill stated on Oct. 4, 1983 that the bill would not come to the House floor in 1983. He ahs since indicated that he will bring the bill to the floor in early 1984."

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