Rural and Frontier EMS Agenda for the Future: A Service Chief's Guide to Creating Community Support of Excellence in EMS   [open pdf - 306KB]

"A Service Chief's Guide to Creating Community Support of Excellence serves as a companion document to the Rural and Frontier EMS [Emergency Medical Services] Agenda for the Future and is created specifically to provide information, tools and resources to rural EMS leaders and their partners. Specifically, this guide will help EMS agencies address issues around the topics of: 1) Community Assessment and Planning. […]. 2) Integration and regionalization. […]. 3) Quality and Performance Improvement. […] This guide provides information about existing resources and tools that are available to local EMS leaders who undertake community planning and establish strong QI/PI efforts. The information is designed to help keep rural EMS services viable next year and well into the future. To survive, however, there is another important role for rural EMS, and that is the role of advocacy. An unfortunate byproduct of the lack of understanding of rural EMS is that oftentimes it is overlooked when policy decisions are made, or poor policy decisions are made on behalf of rural services. It is important that rural EMS be a strong and vocal advocate, and to educate the general public and policy makers at a local, State, and national level about the importance of a quality EMS system in rural areas. In this guide you will find information that will help you, as a local EMS leader, use strategies and techniques to advocate on behalf of your system."

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