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"The threat is legitimate: The world is under a Phase 3 Pandemic Alert. Foremost are the concerted attempts to effect attitudinal changes in senior managers and workers now, rather than delaying until a pandemic event unfolds. Awareness and preparation become the foundation for mitigating the potential effects of pandemic flu. To postpone the revising of policies or waiting to implement critical programs until a pandemic outbreak manifests itself within the population of this or any other country is simply too late. The pre-event stage is the time to devote resources (human and/or monetary) in support of mitigation strategies. Existing evidence along with expert opinion points to the inevitability of a pandemic flu event. While the exact time of a pandemic outbreak, its geographical spread and length of duration, cannot be predicted with complete confidence, indicators tracked by the public health community give cause for concern. The pre-event stage is, in actuality, the lull before the storm and affords Private Sector leaders and business continuity planners the chance to position their organizations for survival. To do otherwise is a gamble where the wrong bet carries devastating consequences."

2007 Homeland Defense Journal
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New Jersey Business Force: http://web.njit.edu/~beoc/
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Homeland Defense Journal (March 2007), v.5 no.3, p.34-38
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