NIMS Implementation Activities for Hospital and Healthcare Systems Implementation FAQs   [open pdf - 47KB]

This document answers the following questions regarding NIMS implementation activities for hospital and healthcare systems implementation: "Regarding National Incident Management System (NIMS) implementation, what constitutes a hospital and/or healthcare system?"; "Are there requirements that hospitals must meet in order to be NIMS compliant?"; "What specific requirements do hospitals and healthcare systems need to achieve by September 30, 2007 to be NIMS-compliant?"; "What specific requirements do hospitals and healthcare systems need to achieve by September 30, 2008 to be NIMS-compliant?"; "State, territory, tribal and local jurisdictions have additional NIMS activities for FY07. Does a hospital have to also complete those activities?"; "Which NIMS courses should hospital and healthcare system employees complete?"; "Courses for ICS100 and 200 for healthcare workers have been released on the EMI website. Do hospital workers have to complete that course if they have already taken an ICS 100 and 200 course?"; "Can a hospital utilize a vendor created training course? If so, how do we verify that it is NIMS compliant?"; "Will the NIC certify an ICS course as NIMS compliant for hospital and healthcare system responders?"; "To where should a hospital submit NIMS training records?"; "Where do I find classroom materials to teach 100, 200, 700 and or 800?"; "What qualifications does an instructor need to teach ICS 100 and 200 in the classroom setting?"; "What is the relationship between HICS and NIMS?"; "Do hospital personnel who have been previously trained in the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS) need to be re-trained in HICS in order for a receiving hospital to be NIMS compliant?"; "Does completion of the HICS course materials, as they are listed on-line, make a hospital NIMS compliant?'; "Does a HICS course take the place of ICS 100 & 200 and IS700 courses?"; "To receive Joint Commission accreditation, must my hospital implement NIMS?"; and "Must my hospital implement NIMS in order to meet CMS Medicare and Medicaid requirements?".

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