Progress Report: Study of Marking, Rendering Inert and Licensing of Explosives Materials   [open pdf - 308KB]

"In initiating this study (the Study), ATF reviewed the magnitude of the U.S. explosives industry; the events leading up to the pilot taggant program conducted between 1977-79; the Office of Technology Assessment analysis of that pilot program; and the existing Swiss program for tagging explosives. In addition, ATF forged a partnership with the explosives, chemical, fireworks, and fertilizer industries to ensure broad public input and support for solutions to an immensely complex problem. ATF capitalized on its 26 years of experience regulating the explosives industry and investigating bombings. In addition, it relied on the knowledge gained from the ATF-hosted 1995 International Explosives Symposium which addressed issues concerning the identification and detection of explosives, neutralizing common chemicals used in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices, and developing new and innovative ways to combat the criminal use of explosives. As a result of the Symposium, and in an effort to demonstrate an example of possible voluntary controls, ATF teamed with The Fertilizer Institute to design a program to alert the fertilizer industry to the issues of security, knowledge of purchasers, and the need to recognize thefts. The program, 'Be Aware For America,' has been a source of invaluable information on voluntary efforts."

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