National Security and Emergency Preparedness Telecom News 2003, NSTAC Special Edition   [open pdf - 5MB]

This edition of the National Communications System's (NCS)National Security and Emergency Preparedness Telecom News contains the following articles: "NSTAC [National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee] at 20: Providing National Security Telecommunications Policy Expertise for Two Decades"; "Corporate Leaders from Lockheed Martin and BellSouth Appointed Chair and Vice Chair of NSTAC"; "National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Plays a Significant Role in Emergency Services and Homeland Security"; "Wireless Task Force Provides Recommendations on the Ubiquitous Rollout of Wireless Priority Service and Wireless Security Vulnerabilities"; "Discussion with President Bush Highlights 26th NSTAC Meeting"; "Legislative and Regulatory Task Force Addresses Complex Policy Issues During NSTAC XXVI Cycle"; "Internet Security/Architecture Task Force Studies Ways to Protect the Internet Infrastructure and Reduce Cyber Vulnerabilities"; "President Bush Names Eight Senior Communications Executives to the NSTAC"; "Dr. Marburger, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Presents the Keynote Address at the NSTAC's 2003 R&D Exchange"; "Ensuring Networks That Keep America Safe and Strong"; and "President's NSTAC Dedicated to Tackling R&D [Research and Development Issues that Affect NS/EP [national security and emergency preparedness] Services".

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National Security and Emergency Preparedness Telecom News (2000), NSTAC Special Edition
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