Emergency Communications during Hurricane Ike: Harris County Regional Radio System   [open pdf - 2MB]

"As part of an ongoing effort to better understand the communication needs of emergency responders and public safety LMR [land mobile radio] systems, CSAD [Communications Systems Analysis Division] studied the impact of Hurricane Ike on local emergency communications systems in Harris County. The purpose of this study was to inform the public safety community about the evolution of communication capabilities and services and facilitate the sharing of important information about the performance of public safety communications systems during emergencies. CSAD recently studied the impact of the Minneapolis bridge collapse on local emergency communications systems in Minneapolis, MN. In order to develop mechanisms and tools to better characterize public safety system's performance in stress situations, CSAD studied the performance characteristics of current generation public safety wireless voice communication systems and next-generation commercial wireless communications. This study, similar to the Minneapolis bridge collapse work, was accomplished by methodical examination of the system's call detail records (CDRs). The call records included all information pertaining to radio communications, for all users and talkgroups. In addition, CSAD interviewed Harris County personnel, carefully reviewed Harris County reports, pre and post storm activities, technician notes and related publicly available related news articles."

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