Report to Congress: Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Spending [June 2006]   [open pdf - 6MB]

"The current pandemic influenza threat stems from outbreaks of avian influenza in Asia and Europe. The ability of the H5NI virus to infect a wide range of hosts, including birds and humans, is of great concern to the public health and medical community. Although the virus has not yet shown an ability to transmit efficiently between humans, it has the potential to acquire this capability. Once a pandemic begins, time will be a critical factor in our ability to accomplish the necessary production and delivery of vaccines and other medical countermeasures required to mitigate the pandemic. To prepare for the 'possibility of a pandemic, the President requested a total of $7.1 billion to fund a three-year strategy to enhance the Nation's pandemic influenza preparedness, of which $6.7 billion was designated for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS is responsible for the public health and medical response for a pandemic of human influenza. On November 2,2005, HHS released the HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan, which defines the HHS strategy for preparedness and response to this threat and provides a detailed framework for the operational plans being developed by HHS agencies and State, local, and tribal health authorities."

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Conference Report 109-359
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