Function of Human Intelligence for Low-Intensity Conflict   [open pdf - 1MB]

"This paper argues for improved human intelligence (HUMINT) support of U.S. efforts in low-intensity conflict (LIC). It is reasonable to assume that the United States will continue to be involved in such conflicts for the future. Conventional tactical and national technical intelligence capabilities are formidable and make meaningful contributions to LIC. However, HUMINT will remain a key source to assist our leaders in formulating appropriate responses to LIC. The case for the value of HUMINT in LIC is based on several principle considerations. First, the nature of LIC compared to peacetime competition, conflict, and war. Second, the application of intelligence to support operations in LIC across the operational continuum. Third, the unique contributions of human collection of information to advise decision-makers on responses to LIC. Fourth, the challenges now and in the future for our decision-makers and the intelligence community to meet the requirements of LIC. And last, recommendations to improve efficiency in planning, execution, and exploitation of all available intelligence resources."

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