Research on PTSD and Other Post-Traumatic Reactions: European Literature   [open pdf - 268KB]

"We are devoting two issues of the 'PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] Research Quarterly' to an historical survey of PTSD research in Europe. In this issue Drs. Weisæth and Eitinger, of the World Veterans Foundation International Socio-Medical Information Centre (WISMIC), present an introductory essay on the European PTSD literature, followed by a detailed examination of the Norwegian literature on traumatic stress. Our Summer 1991 issue will conclude this survey with a discussion of PTSD publications from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. [...] The last two decades have seen in Western Europe a steady increase of research into traumatic stress, similar to that in the United States, with the exception of veteran studies. Only some of this modern research activity is reflected here. We have left out studies that have already been referred to in previous issues of this publication or in the 'WISMIC Newsletter', and have instead concentrated on some less available, but nevertheless important, studies written in languages other than English with which the American audience may not be so familiar. In Europe as well as in the United States, the 1980 introduction of the DSM-III diagnosis of PTSD helped to move traumatic stress research a further step forward. However, in our experience, the sum of the diagnostic criteria was rather arbitrary, over-emphasizing psychic numbing, but disregarding the importance of aggressive symptomatology. The PTSD label attracted so much attention that the significance of other elements perhaps was neglected. The revised version of PTSD has been an improvement, and the broader range of research items has produced a more balanced development, ensuring that the onesidedness of the past will not repeat itself."

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PTSD Research Quarterly (Spring 1991), v.2 no.2
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