Biological Aspects of PTSD: Laboratory and Clinical Research   [open pdf - 240KB]

"All research reviewed in this issue of the PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] Research Quarterly concerns laboratory and clinical findings on biological aspects of PTSD. In addition to abstracts and citations of peer-reviewed articles published since 1988, we have included citations of important papers presented at national scientific meetings during the past year. While recognizing the considerable difference between peer-reviewed and other data, we believe that PTSD researchers may benefit from our publicizing selected unpublished results. Because the 41 selected abstracts and citations are listed separately and because both lists are alphabetized, designated abstracts will be indicated by 'A' (e.g., van der Kolk et al., A), whereas citations will be indicated by 'C' (e.g., Kudler et al., C). [...] We conclude by citing three additional drug trials of interest. Famularo et al. (A) demonstrated the efficacy of propanolol with an off-on-off design in 11 children with PTSD. Wolf et al. (C) reported on two successful open trials of the anticonvulsant carbamazepine in combat veterans with PTSD and related those results to the kindling hypothesis of PTSD, and McDougle et al. (C) presented data on a successful open trial of fluoxetine, noting that global improvement was especially related to reduction of PTSD avoidant symptoms."

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PTSD Research Quarterly (Summer 1990), v.1 no.2
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