Research on the Latent Structure of PTSD   [open pdf - 646KB]

This article on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) examines diagnostic guidelines, for PTSD. From the article: "Researchers often draw a rigid distinction between the structure of a measure of PTSD and the structure of PTSD itself, but this distinction is more apparent than real. A viable construct for explaining human behavior must enjoy many good indicators, and evidence for validity is best demonstrated by triangulation across multiple indicators. Therefore, the structure of a quality measure of PTSD is tied directly to the structure of PTSD itself. It is not very meaningful to talk about the structureof a test as something distinct from the structure of the construct being assessed. Factor analytic results bear on the validity of and provide evidence for the structure of the construct, and construct definitions should evolve based on empirical findings. We begin with a brief conceptual explanation of factor analysis. We then summarize some of the more prominent factor analytic studies of PTSD. We present the labels of components or factors exactly as specified by the original researchers and provide citations for the measures they used in the reference list. We close with conclusions and recommendations for future research."

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PTSD Research Quarterly (Summer 2006), v.17 no.3
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