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This article on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) presents an overview of the past decade's PTSD research and treatment publications. From the article: "Scientific and clinical interest in PTSD has grown exponentially in the past 20 years. No longer considered an isolated problem for Vietnam veterans, PTSD is now recognized as a major public health problem for all military veterans and active-duty personnel, given their heightened exposure to the traumatic stress of war, dangerous peacekeeping operations, and interpersonal violence. Moreover, the prevalence of disaster, severe accidents, and violence in the civilian arena makes PTSD a serious public health problem in the general population. In 1989, the VA [(Department of) Veterans Affairs] established the National Center for PTSD in response to a congressional mandate to address the needs of veterans with military-related PTSD. Under this mandate, the new program was charged with 'carry[ing] out and promot[ing] the training of health-care and related personnel in, and research into, the causes and diagnosis of PTSD and the treatment of veterans for PTSD.' In its operations, the Center would 'serve as a resource center for, and promote and seek to coordinate the exchange of, information regarding all research and training activities carried out by the Veterans Administration, and by other Federal and non-Federal entities, with respect to PTSD.' After a VA-wide competition determined that no single VA site could adequately serve this unique mission, the present National Center was established as a consortium of five VA centers of excellence in PTSD, each distinguished by a particular area of expertise while also sharing common interests and concerns. Two Divisions have been added since 1989, bringing the number of sites to seven. In its first decade of operation, the Center has come to be regarded as one of the major sources of information and activity related to PTSD, and is widely sought out for its research, education, and consultation expertise. This issue of the PTSD Research Quarterly presents a sampling of the almost 1,100 articles published by Center staff since 1989."

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PTSD Research Quarterly (Winter 2000), v.11 no.1
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