Role of the National Guard in Drug Interdiction   [open pdf - 2MB]

"A National Strategy has been developed to combat the increasing illegal drug threat to the United States. The use of the military services by the Department of Defense to assist Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies will offset advantages the illegal drug community has in trafficking and distribution of drugs into this country. The Secretary of Defense has directed the National Guard under Section 1105, Public Law 100-456, to provide support to law enforcement agencies in drug interdiction and eradication. The Chief, National Guard Bureau, has the responsibility to ensure that guidance from Congress is accomplished. The role of the military in support of Federal law enforcement agencies provides trained manpower and equipment necessary to - combat the 'war on drugs.' The purpose for the employment of the Army National Guard is to contribute the manpower, training, and logistical support for drug interdiction and eradication requirements. These are accomplished at the ports of entry, border crossings, customs warehouses, and on lands growing illegal plants. The examination of the military's capability, based on previous employments of the force in this role, will show a marked improvement in the reduction and threat of illegal drug use."

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