Multi-hazard Loss Estimation Methodology: Flood Model, Hazus-MH MR5: Technical Manual   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The scope of the Flood Technical Manual includes documentation of all methods and data that are used by the methodology. Loss estimation methods and data are obtained from referenced sources tailored to fit the framework of the methodology, or from new methods and data developed when existing methods and data were lacking or not current state of the art. The Flood Technical Manual is a comprehensive, highly technical collection of methods and data covering a broad range of topics and disciplines, including hydrology and hydraulics, structural engineering, floodplain management, social science, and economics. The Flood Technical Manual is written for readers who are expected to have some degree of expertise in the technical topic of interest, and may be inappropriate for readers who do not have this background. As described in Chapter 2, a separate User Manual describes the flood loss estimation methodology in non-technical terms and provides guidance to users in the application of the methodology. The methodology software is implemented using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software (specifically ArcGIS 9.3.1 with SP1 with the Spatial Analyst extension as developed by Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI)) as described in the Flood Technical Manual."

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