Multi-hazard Loss Estimation Methodology: Hurricane Model, Hazus-MH MR5: User Manual   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The User's Manual provides the background and instructions for developing an inventory to complete a hurricane loss estimation study using HAZUS. It also provides information on how to install and run the software, and how to interpret and report model output. The Technical Manual, a companion publication, documents the methods of calculating losses and the default data. Taken together, the two manuals provide a comprehensive overview of the nationally applicable loss estimation methodology. The contents and organization of the User's Manual are summarized below: Chapter 1 provides the user with a general understanding of the purpose, uses, and components of a regional hurricane loss estimation study. Chapter 2 gives instructions for installing and starting HAZUS. Chapter 3 runs through an analysis using only default data. Chapter 4 provides an overview of the types of data required to run the loss study, as well as a description of the default database. Chapter 5 contains information about what data are needed to complete a loss study, sources of inventory, how to collect inventory, how to convert data to the correct format for the methodology, and how to enter data into HAZUS. Chapter 6 includes instructions for entering data and editing existing records. Chapter 7 provides the user with a discussion of how to display, modify, and print databases. Chapter 8 provides a link to information on the Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) which has replaced the now deprecated Building Data Import Tool(BIT). Chapter 9 provides a detailed step-by-step description of how to run an analysis using HAZUS, including analysis with user-supplied data. Chapter 10 summarizes the results and reports generated by the Hurricane Model. The appendices contain installation verification tests and detailed information about the structure of the methodology."

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