Millennium Development Goals: The September 2010 U.N. High-level Meeting [December 9, 2010]   [open pdf - 391KB]

"From September 20 to 22, 2010, heads of state and government convened at United Nations (U.N.) Headquarters for a High-level Plenary Meeting to review progress toward the U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs are a group of measurable development targets agreed to by 189 U.N. member states--including the United States--as part of the 2000 Millennium Declaration. [...] Since 2000, governments have worked to achieve the MDGs with mixed results. Experts generally agree that while some MDGs are on track to be met, the majority of Goals are unlikely to be achieved by 2015. Many have also found that progress toward the Goals is unevenly distributed across regions and countries. India and China, for example, have made considerable progress in achieving the MDGs, while many countries in Africa have failed to meet almost all of the Goals. President Barack Obama supports the MDGs and attended the September High-level meeting. In July 2010, the Administration published The United States' Strategy for Meeting the Millennium Development Goals, which identifies four 'imperatives' for achieving the Goals--innovation, sustainability, measuring outcomes, and mutual accountability. Members of the 112th Congress may be interested in the MDGs and the September High-level meeting from three primary perspectives. First, Congress may wish to consider the MDGs in the context of authorizing and funding broader U.S. development assistance efforts. Second, members may wish to be aware of the commitments made by the United States at the High-level meeting. Additionally, Congress may consider conducting oversight of international progress toward the MDGs, including U.S. efforts and the future of the Goals. While evidence of MDG effectiveness in advancing global development is uneven a decade after the Millennium Declaration, the international community--and many policymakers in the United States--continue to use the Goals as a paradigm for development assistance. This raises a number of overarching questions for Congress about the role and future of the MDGs, including 1) In what areas, if any, have the MDGs been successful? 2) Are the MDGs practical? 3) What is the role of U.S. foreign aid in the MDGs? 4) Who is accountable for MDG progress? This report will be not be updated further."

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