National Response Team's Integrated Contingency Plan Guidance (Part II)   [open pdf - 446KB]

This one-plan guidance was developed through a cooperative effort among numerous NRT agencies, state and local officials, and industry and community representatives. The NRT and the agencies responsible for reviewing and approving federal response plans to which the ICP option applies agree that integrated response plans prepared in the format provided in this guidance will be acceptable and be the federally preferred method of response planning. The NRT realizes that alternate formats for integrating multiple plans already exist and that others likely will be developed. Certain facilities may find those formats more desirable than the one proposed here. The NRT believes that a single functional plan is preferable to multiple plans regardless of the specific format chosen. While they are acceptable, other formats may not allow the same ease of coordination with external plans. In any case, whatever format a facility chooses, no individual NRT agency will require an integrated response planning format differing from the ICP format described here. The NRT anticipates that future development of all federal regulations addressing emergency response planning will incorporate use of the ICP guidance. Also, developers of state and local requirements will be encouraged to be consistent with this document.

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Federal Register / Vol. 61, No. 109, pp. 28641-28664
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