CONPLAN: United States Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan   [open pdf - 185KB]

The purpose of this plan is to facilitate an effective Federal, response to all threats or acts of terrorism within the United States that are determined to be of sufficient magnitude to warrant implementation of this plan and the associated policy guidelines established in PDD-39 and PDD-62. To accomplish this, the CONPLAN: establishes a structure for a systematic, coordinated and effective national response to threats or acts of terrorism in the United States; defines procedures for the use of Federal resources to augment and support local and State governments; and encompasses both crisis and consequence management responsibilities, and articulates the coordination relationships between these missions. The CONPLAN is a strategic document that: applies to all threats or acts of terrorism within the United States; provides planning guidance and outlines operational concepts for the federal crisis and consequence management response to a threatened or actual terrorist incident within the United States; serves as the foundation for further development of detailed national, regional, state, and local operations plans and procedures; includes guidelines for notification, coordination and leadership of response activities, supporting operations, and coordination of emergency public information across all levels of government; acknowledges the unique nature of each incident, the capabilities of the local jurisdiction, and the activities necessary to prevent or mitigate a specific threat or incident; and illustrates ways in which Federal, State and local agencies can most effectively unify and synchronize their response actions.

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